Step from Pain and Stress into Ease, from feeling Good to feeling Great, from feeling Great to feeling Extraordinary!

Imagine sleeping well & waking up early each day with a smile before your alarm goes off. Having plenty of time for self-nourishment, exercise, enjoyment of nourishing foods. Plenty of time for reflection and play with your loved ones. Feeling energized, happy and joyful, no niggling aches or pains, at your optimum body weight.

Vibrant health, supple body, better sleep, more energy, better immune function, vitality, confidence, tranquility, graceful ageing.

Are You Ready for a Change?

  • Replace overwhelm and depletion with enthusiasm for life and energy in deep reserve
  • Sleep well and wake up restored, rested, relaxed, and ready to take on the day
  • Chose foods that can be easily digested and assimilated into your system; and stabilize at a weight that feels good and healthy to you
  • Tap into your creative power to express your ideas, feel your feelings, and open yourself to more, bigger possibilities
  • Align with your core values and deepest desires and live from a place of integrity and ease

This is what Attune & Thrive is all about.

Little shifts. Little changes to our habits… that, over time, amount to massive + positive results.

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Overheard in the Thrive circles (Testimonials) :

“After only 2 weeks my body feels stronger, less inflamed, and I have more energy. In short I my body is thriving! I am super excited about the weeks to come.”

“I have more energy, a more loving, kind relationship with myself, a cleaner diet, and self integrity . It’s amazing! I can feel the process continue to fine tune my daily rhythms. So grateful for this tribe.”

“Living the 10 habits not only changed my life dramatically at the get go, there is a non-stop continuous evolution occurring. I am becoming a new person every day – Creating the me I want to be and the life I want to live!”

“I learned to eat right for my body, and I lost 10 pounds without even trying!”

“I feel younger and stronger than I ever have”

“Life isn’t so hard anymore. I’m a lot more calm and get over things more quickly”

“It’s helped me develop a kinder relationship with myself. I’m not beating myself up anymore. I’m taking time to care for myself”

“Having access to people that are as committed to personal growth as I am has been hugely helpful & so very encouraging for me. Fine tuning lifestyle – schedule, hydrating & eating habits, self-care practices… it is all paying off in amazing ways. I’ve had significant breakthroughs with my asana practice. AND the dried-up old woman stuff – HALLELUJAH!! – that’s fading wonderfully.”

“I’ve reached the end of my maternity leave, and started back to work today. I can say with 100% certainty that without the habits today would have been a disaster. And it is with so much joy that instead I’ve come to the end of this day completely content, and at ease with this new chapter. I engineered my day to include ample time for my responsibilities, my family, and myself. And as I close my eyes, the smile remains on my face. This mama is proud and so so full of gratitude! Thanks for showing me how to be amazing!”

“I’m letting go of being so hard on myself. I’m more accepting”

“I have the tools now to take care of myself. It’s the ultimate self-care package”

“I’m really enjoying spending time with myself. It’s given me a connection to my body that I never had. It’s been life-changing”

“More understanding, more patience and more love to go around”

“I’m letting go of the drama in my life”

“I’m more in the moment. Having these habits is very calming to me”

“I’m learning to let go of perfectionism and beating myself up – now I show up for myself”

“I’m becoming so much more aware of how I’m feeding and treating my body”

“It’s helped me realize what is really important and where I want to put my energy”

“I’m not a slave to my job anymore”

“I’m putting myself on my calendar. I have more balance and feel more in control”

“I’m making more conscious choices more consistently”

“I’m more gently assertive”

“I’ve noticed is that the chronic sinus issues I’ve had for over 30 years are clearing up! I can breathe better! I’m not even taking any allergy meds. Feeling stunned, and deeply grateful!”

“I have spent far too many years trying to navigate life from a place of survival. Given with every changing environments there is a state of constant orientation to life. The habits are like an upgrade from a map and compass to a kick ass GPS.”

“Continuing to make the habits an integrated part of my life and my Being…one step at time and noticing, with an open heart and kindness for myself, that I don’t have to do it PERFECTLY. That good enough is ENOUGH for today!”

Your health is in your own hands.

Talk to me and find out how to upgrade your health and wellness,



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