Yoga One-to-One

Individual Tuition sessions are a great way to try Yoga for the first time in a safe environment, and at one’s own pace.

This is an ideal way for the novices who are shy to step into a normal class environment before they became a bit more confident with the basic practice, people who do not have time to attend regular classes in the area or those who are keen to deepen their practice under supervision, in a succinct manner.

Individual Tuition is suitable for people who wish to explore their essential nature through a meditative and relaxing yoga posture practice, meditation and mudra practice.

Beneficial for muscular back, neck and shoulder problems, anxiety, stress or sleep issues.

Suitable for all levels of fitness & flexibility.

Individual Tuition sessions are also suitable for people wanting a safe physical challenge that invites our conscious awareness fully into our body.

Please refer also to Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Gayatri Meditation pages for more in-depth information on practices offered under individual guidance.

Please call or email me to discuss a suitable time, venue and your personal goals and expectations.

30 minutes                                     £30

45 minutes                                     £40

60 minutes                                     £50