workshops – general info

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Workshops are a place to explore things a bit deeper, find out new ways of doing things and living. and to take those moments of focused practice and information back into our regular yoga practice, and into our lives.

Workshops cover all sorts of topics and themes.

Sometimes we work on practices/techniques for opening our bodies deeper, and tackling little obstructions in our bodies which prevent us from going deeper in our asana practice.

Other times we are exploring ancient practices and habits of Ayurveda and Yoga.

We also explore Mudras for health and healing, and meditation for quiteter and more efficient mind.

Themes overlap, and ultimately interlink, as all within us does too.

They will most likely not make you an expert the moment the class is over.

But they will provide a fertile ground for the deepening of your yoga practice and accelerate your understanding of and intimacy with your own body.

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