Binding Yoga Poses Workshop

This is probably my favourite grouping of yoga poses 🙂

They are amazing for developing strength, flexibility and suppleness in upper body, refine the lengthening through the spine, teach us to focus, use the breath as a tool, and challenge our balance too.

In the Hatha Yoga tradition, binding refers to any action where one part of the body holds on to another part or when two body parts are intertwined.

Binding, when done correctly, allows the body to relax, deepen into a pose, and hold for a longer period of time.

Binding poses have the benefit of massaging the internal organs and detoxifying your body.

In yoga, binding asanas (poses) involve linking the hands in a process that rotates the shoulders and torso. This link causes the body to be “bound” and seemingly constricted by the arms and hands, yet enables us to safely lengthen through the spine and deepen the opening through our joints.. Binds develop flexibility both in the body, in order to get into the pose, and in the mind, as we deepen our embrace and sustain the pose.


Binds develop strength, as you must engage your muscles to reach your hands toward each other. Squatting binding poses such as Pasasana (Noose pose) strengthen your ankles, which can help prevent ankle injuries. The twisting motion across the torso stimulates the abdominal organics, thus helping aid digestion. Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana (Bound Extended Side Angle pose) requires strength in the side body and the legs in order to hold up the upper body without the support of the arms.


Though initially constricting, binding poses can offer profound openings for the body once released. The drawing back action in the shoulders and chest during the bind also helps to open these areas. Regular practice of binding poses can help improve overall posture.


A bind requires you to find a middle ground between ease and effort. Without the right amount of effort, you wont be able to get into the pose; however, too much effort and struggling can lead to stress and injury. Binds are a chance to breathe and relax into challenging situations.

A detailed illustrated list of all positions is available after the workshop too – all the relevant cues to remind you of what to pay attention to.

Bring all your questions and queries, it’s gonna be a great 115 minutes of exploration!!! 🙂

£15 Full Price. Concessions available at request.

10% discount if booked up to 2 weeks in advance.

Bring your own mat if you can, or message me if you prefer to use one provided.
Doors open 8:45 am.
See you there!!